(2021 Improved Version) Car Sun Shade Light Car Sun Shade Folding Umbrella Specifications Easy To Install Light Blocking Car Windshield Cover Privacy Protection Uv Uv Uv Protection Protection Heat Protection Storage Pouch Included



UV Protection, Heat Insulation, Prevents Interior Degradation: The exterior of the sunshade is coated with titanium silver adhesive to effectively block 99 of harmful UV rays, protecting your precious car from the sun while parking. In addition, by blocking the sunlight, it greatly reduces the interior temperature of the car, reducing the strain on the air conditioner, and increasing fuel economy. In addition, it prevents interior deterioration such as car seats and keeps your mood cooler every time you park

(Easy to Operate Umbrella Shaped Design) This sunshade is made with a folding umbrella, making it easy to operate, saving you time of opening, but also very convenient to store. There is no need to install it, and you can hold the umbrella when parked. Easy to use alone and quickly unfold and store away and say goodbye to messy installations

(Excellent Durability, Easy Operation, Wide Range of Uses) The ribs are made of ten sturdy black steel ribs, which are more durable than the sunshade with suction cups and adhesives. Umbrella shape design, convenient to carry. Not only is it a good choice for sun shade for car windows, but also for outdoor camping. It can also be used as a rain umbrella in sudden downpours. Not only can it be used to block out light, but it can also block the interior of your car, so it can also be used as a theft prevention measure. Recommended for sleeping in a car or napping sleep. The perfect partner for business trips or driving

Compatible models Size (31.1 x 57.1 inches (79 x 145 cm): Compatible with regular light cars, small SUVs, MPV, business cars, etc. (Please check the size of your car window before purchasing)

Convenient to Install and Store: This umbrella sunshade is an umbrella type that can be opened and installed. It is easy for one person. When closed, you can put it in the storage bag and carry it without disturbing your drive

Product Dimensions: 145 x 75 x 40 cm 320 g
Manufacturer Reference: YS-001
Item Dimensions L x W x H
: 145 x 75 x 40 cm
Color: Black

Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 75 × 40 cm