(2021 Improved Version) Extension Cigarette Lighter Power Socket Set, Fuse Power Outlet Wiring, Camorf Power Socket, Dc 12V To Dc 24V, Wiring Guide, Power Inspection Tester, Yellow Ts16949/Ul/Ce Certified, Wire Length 78.7 Inches (200 Cm)




(Improved Cigarette Lighter Power Socket) The hardest part is that when charging 2-5 devices (2 smartphones and 3 tablets, dash cams, radar detectors, car navigation systems, etc.), there is no extra power socket for your cigarette lighter () This is a useful addition to your cigarette lighter power socket. Just plug it in and you can easily use your electronic devices or charge your smartphone. Very convenient and easy to use. TS16949 certified, operating range: DC 12V – DC 24V. The total length of the wire is 200cm. Our store sells a set of cigarette lighter power sockets, and we recommend this product at a more affordable price and more convenient than other products (not a set)

(YouTube Installation InstructionsQuality Assurance): Please see the YouTube video for installation (English language not guaranteed) https:www.youtube.comwatch v2plU87DtMO8t) This extension cigarette lighter socket set comes with a 1 year . In addition, if there is an initial failure or a defective occurring during use, we will deal with refunds or returns of the product. However, we ask that you provide your order number and contact our customer service

Fuse power supply supply wiring: The fuse box can be easily removed from the fuse box. The fuse comes in three different shapes: flat, mini flat, low profile, and can be used in almost 95 of any car type. It is also TS16949 and UL certified. Includes 2 fuse removal clips and 3 fuses (51015A) each. The fuse can be easily installed separately from the socket. If there is any problem, it can be disassembled and repaired so you can make it very easy. Note: Please install the appropriate fuse depending on the type of car and current

Detection Tester: You can check the status of wiring and fuse. CE certified, quality assurance. Usable range: DC 6 V – DC 24 V. Red LED light when the positive polarity is connected. Green LED lights for negative polarity connection. Spare LED lights are included. Material ABS (main unit), clip is steel

Wiring Guide Included: The wiring guide is about 4.9 ft (1.2 m) and is made of a wire material with excellent flexibility, so it is durable and hard to break. It is very convenient when rejecting electronic devices from engine compartment, to interior doors, ceilings, under seats, etc

Manufacturer: Camorf
Brand: Camorf
Package Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 5 cm 320 g
Color: Potidies Tor Rot

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Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 15 cm