Air Conditioner Filter (Subaru/Regasixi) La – C406 (Type Br9, Brf, Brg, Brm, Bm9, Bmg, Bmm On 2009/05) Pm2.5 5 Removal




G parts are perfect for domestic vehicles Genuine Filter Manufacturers Original Brand.

MODEL: dBABR9dBABRF dBABRG, dBABRM dBABM9dBAbmg, dBABMM on first: 200905

Replace difficulty: easy, or exchange time: approximately 3minutes exchange method please refer to installation instructions.

Should be Air Conditioning or car smell good with outstanding. LaSC406(activated carbon) with is available in a deodorant effect.

Size Length 214mm Width 194mm Height 29mm

Manufacturer: Kazuntingu Auto Parts Sales
Brand: G-Parts
Package Dimensions: 26 x 23.8 x 5.3 cm 140 g
Is Discontinued by Manufacturer: No

Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 23.8 × 5.3 cm