Blind Spot Sensor 24Ghz Blind Spot Detection System Spot Detector 4 In 1 Ip67 Bsd, Bsm, Rcta 12V Car Security Driving Alarm, Detects Vehicles From Rear




Action System: There is no need to connect OBD connection, and after the vehicle is started, the BSD system will start when there is a vehicle in the blind spot. It adopts blind spot detection system with one transmission and multiple receptions

(Highly Waterproof) IP67 dustproof and waterproof, so it can work normally in environments with poor vision (rain, fog, night, etc.) Mounted on both sides of the back bumper to ensure invisibility

4 functions in 1 unit: Dead angle detection warning (BSD), Lane change alert (LCA), backward cross traffic alert (RCTA), door open warning

Warning Method: The LED light flashes and turns on and the buzzer will alert you if there is a vehicle in blind spot

Product Information: Waterproof: IP67. Operating Voltage: 12V Operating frequency: 24GHz Maximum detection range: 15M Warning Range: 3-15M (pedestrian: 0.3-7m motorcycle: 0.3-10m car: 0.3-12m truck: 0.3-15m) Rated Current: 130ma50ma Operating frequency: 24GHz Warning Method: Sound Light Warning Time: Minimum warning response time 0.75 seconds. Level Angle: Frequency Radiation 42×80 Speed Range: -20ms-20ms 72M Working Temperature: -45C – 85C Package List: 2 x Microwave Sensor 1 x Buzzer 1 x Harness 1 x Plug 2 x Mounting Brackets 2 x Extension Harness 2 x double-sided adhesive 1 x ruler

Manufacturer : Qiilu.
Brand : Qiilu.
Manufacturer reference : sococov1a7gfow28
Color : Popular
JAN: 738584917604