Current Steering Wheel Lock, For Your Car, Car, Car, Theft Prevention, Relay Attack Prevention Goods, Security Spare Key (Silver)




Size: Overall Length: 15.2 x 2.8 x 2.0 inches (38.5 x 7 x 5 cm) The length can be adjusted to fit the steering wheel, so it can be

Handle lock with double security function Handle lock function: Uses high hardness alloy steel that can not be used for cutting pipe cutters and other items. It demonstrates an overwhelming anti-theft. Horn Anti-Theft Function: When you attempt to move the handle forcefully, pressure is applied to the genuine leather part and the horn will sound. Anti-theft: This steering wheel lock will physically lock your precious car and makes it the perfect steering lock for theft prevention. Give your vehicle an extra security guarantee

Compatible with various vehicles: This steering wheel lock is designed based on the steering wheel size calculated by the average value of the world standard. Fits 99 of vehicles Designed to be compatible with domestic cars and foreign vehicles, the manufacturer will check all the installation for vehicles that are particularly stolen. Vehicle installed by the manufacturer: Land Cruiser High Ace LX Prado Prius Caravan Skyline Crown Aqua. About Lexus: All models have been checked for all models due to being stolen

(Includes 3 spare keys) Securely secure the key with a hard to duplicate design Attach it to the steering wheel of the vehicle to prevent car theft. The steering wheel lock is firmly attached even if it gets into the car, so unless you unlock the lock with the dedicated key, you cannot operate the steering wheel without the handle. Package Includes: Handle lock x 1, dedicated keys x 3, hex wrench x 1, key case x 1

CURRENT offers one month after-sales service, so you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact us. For one month from the date of arrival, if there is an initial failure or failure, damaged or other defects encountered from normal use, please rest assured that we will provide a replacement or refund

Manufacturer : CURRENT
Package Dimensions : 42 x 14 x 8.6 cm 1.76 Kg
Manufacturer reference : wheel-lock
Color : Silver
JAN: 695510335317

Additional information

Weight 1.76 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8.6 cm