(Hikari Exclusive) X-Power Led Headlight, H8, H9, H11, H16, Compatible With New Vehicle Inspections, Super Bright, Max22,800 Lm, 6,000 K, 12 V, Fog Lamp, High Speed Rotating Cooling Fan Included, Excellent Heat Dissipation, Quiet, Adjustable Lens, White, Halogen 2 Pieces “



(Brand new and thank you price) Full Refund if you are not satisfied with the brightness Equipped with Ultra Brightness and High Luminescent Efficiency LED Chip: The X Power Light is equipped with a customized LED chip that features high brightness and high luminous efficiency, so the brightness is about 9 times more than traditional halogen lamps. The original focus design also has a focus effect that can illuminate longer and wider areas, and see a breakthrough evolution

(Adjustable Buckle Rotation, Maximum 360 Freely) The X Power Light can be adjusted to a maximum of 360 in the direction of the buckle. The angle of the reflector and LED can be adjusted for sharp cut lines. It is possible to make full use of the reflector in all vehicles. The angle is not necessarily required. If the optical axis is is not misaligned, it is OK to adjust

(Excellent heat dissipation performance 4-in-1 heat dissipation design) The X Powerlite chip board uses red copper that has superior heat conductivity than ordinary copper and other metals. In addition, the two-layer construction of the 0-distance, the heat dissipation performance has been specially designed, preventing the light efficiency of the LED chip from overheating, and degradation of the LED chip, making it a higher lighting performance. 1. Heat conduction: Special aluminum alloy body, 2. Heat dissipation area up: 40 grooves deep comb-shaped heat sink 3. Heat dissipation speed UP: 12,000 rpm cooling fan quiet type 4. Air exchange rate UP: Original design large ventilation vents

(Built-in Compact Controller) The X Power Light is a relatively compact size compared to traditional LED headlights with fans. In addition, the controller is built in, so there is no mess and complicated wiring, saving space and accommodating more vehicles. High Quality Durable PEI Coupler: The X Power Light coupler uses PEI with excellent heat resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance. PEI couplers have good insulation and eliminate the risk of electric shock and electric leakage. It is resistant to vibrations and abrasion, so you can use it with confidence

Super Easy Plug and One Touch Installation: The X Power Light is a simple plug that takes time and effort to put on and take off. Easy to install, just plug it into your car power supply. Recommended for beginners who want to dress up cards. For H11HB3HB4, please install directly without removing the buckle. Note: Please check the lights early after the product arrives. If you have any question about how to use the product, or if there is an initial defect, please feel free to contact us by clicking the Store Name – Ask Questions step. You will receive a new replacement or refund solution within 24 hours

Manufacturer: Hikari Japan
Package Dimensions: 18.2 x 14.2 x 7.2 cm 280 g
Manufacturer Reference: V49-H11 H8 H16-LED
Mirror Lighting Type: H8

JAN: 750743535788

Additional information

Weight0.28 kg
Dimensions14.2 × 7.2 cm