The Negative Energy Car Freshener Air Fresheners Hemp Tyupatyapusu Place Notebook Grape 113G Ccp2 – 3



Product Name: tyuppatyapusueahureguransujeru, fragrance: Grape, Contents: G

Please note on use: This item will be dissipated, it is not included. Small, etc. Please pay attention to. This item has many scented oil included. Touch skin directly to the contents may be weak of the field and fear, so soap may be sure to rinse well. In addition, skin discoloration, such as paper, wood, resin, transformation to fear that your contents are not to touch the directly before use.

Double-sided seal paste is the material allows object stick to leave a mark or paint will cause the mug so please be careful. Better when not in use Do not use for other purpose. – For small children and pets out of reach, storage and be used in places.

First Aid If you are even if I swallowed, consult your doctors directions and at on this item with you to its i it immediately. Please immediately. We will immediately stop using it if you feel unwell ventilation while in use in a ventilated area and calm in the water. Feel the recovery, and if you are not, consult physician immediately.

Storage, waste Do not bleach. Storage in direct sunlight to be place in the sun or high temperature (over 40degree) Insert the batteries out waste from the water.

Manufacturer: Hemp (Hemp)
Brand: Hemp (Hemp)
Product Dimensions: 8.51 x 7.11 x 7.01 cm 90.72 G
Item Model Number: CCP-2-03 < Br> Item Dimensions L x W x H: 8.5 x 7.1 x 7 cm

JAN: 4535304527930

Additional information

Weight 0.09072 kg
Dimensions 7.11 × 7.01 cm