Trackimo Small Gps Tracker 2-Piece Set Trkm010 Real Time Tracking Gps Transmitter + Waterproof Case With Magnet (Large Capacity 3500 Mah Built-In Battery)




This product includes a GPS transmitter and a magnetic waterproof case (built-in large capacity battery). USB charging adapter included Simply attach to the outside of the vehicle (metal part on the bottom of the vehicle)

You can check your current location on the map from a distance. You can also check past routes. Works with any smartphone, tablet or PC

Rechargeable 1 year charge included The communication costs will be around 600 yen per month when using after the next year. There are no discharges at the time of checkout

Continuous operating time: about 2 days on the main unit alone, 11 days when case (large capacity battery) is installed (recording at 1 minute intervals). Save energy by vibration sensor, depending on the environment for more than 2 weeks. 5-minute position records may work for 1 month

Positioning searches, no limits Beware of imitation products. The model number is TRKM010 that can be supported by genuine domestic import sources. Japanese mail support is included. Please see the Contact and Support section outside of the Trachimo main unit package

Manufacturer: Trackimo
Brand: No Brand Products
Package Dimensions: 20.2 x 11.2 x 8 cm 340 g
Manufacturer Reference: Trkm010 Power Pack
Special Features:
Using The Power Box Will Last 5 Times Longer Than Battery

Additional information

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 11.2 cm