Trkm-110 Gps Tracker With 365 Days Communication Fee For Vehicle Tracking, Real-Time Gps Transmitter, Large Capacity Battery Model, Gps Tracker, Small, Waterproof, Strong Magnet, 1 Cleaning Cloth + Ac Adapter + 1 Usb Charger + 2 Velcro Fasteners Included




(1 Year of Communication Cost) Once the product arrives, you can use it immediately. If you wish to use it after 1 year, you can update it at least 6,000 (tax) per year if you wish to use it after a period of time, and we will not charge any deadlination. Also comes with our original set, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 AC adapter USB charger, 2 Velcro

(Large Capacity Battery) Equipped with a large capacity 10,000 mAh battery, it can send location information and various data for a long time. Up to 1500 days (about 4 years) continuous operation (depending on the situation of communication). It can be used in a wide range of situations, such as asset management for long distance transportation such as maritime shipment, and remote control of equipment running under adverse conditions

For Tracking Cars, Motorcycles, and Cargos: You can check the current position of a variety of vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, cargo containers, and large vehicles in real time. The built-in high-capacity battery can operate for about 27 to 81 days, making it suitable for long-term monitoring

(Tracking confirmation from 1 minute prior to the last 1 year) Tracimo can be viewed at real-time from the management screen of your computer or smartphone. Supports CSV output for evidence submission. You can also notify your email or app (up to 5 locations) if you exceed the set range

Batteries Required: NO
Brand: Trackkimo
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 34.5 cm 580 g

Additional information

Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 34.5 cm