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Support 2 Devices — Connect at the same timeBike earphones can connect two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. Once connected with your device, it will automatically connect to future use, so you dont have to worry about pairing again. When you connect Bluetooth to your phone, you can prioritize switching between calls and stereo music, and receive safe and trouble-free call experience. Audio output is not performed at the same time. Connect 2 phones or iPad at the same time. Navigation device connection is not supported

Ultra Thin Bike Earphones Sweatproof Dustproof: This Bluetooth headset is designed for driving motorcycles, and is only 0.3 inches (0.9 cm). Fits most types of helmets (openfullhalf face) Super gentle on your ears. Since it is not a type that you can put the earphones in your ears, it is difficult to hurt your ears, and it will keep you comfortable even during long periods of riding. The ear pads are sealed to prevent sweat and dust from entering and you can expect it to last longer

Auto Answer Function Loud Sound Quality When you get a call, the call will be connected automatically, so you dont have to leave your hands off the bike, so you can increase your safety while driving. With new technology such as noise cancellation, you can output high quality sound and loud volume even in small size, so you can hear it clearly even when driving at high speeds. Stereo earphones allow you to enjoy high quality music with stereo broadcast. Enjoy touring comfortably while listening to music, navigation voice

(Ultra Long Standby Built-in Lithium Battery) No need to worry about the amount of electricity. You can rest assured that your earbuds will never have to worry about the amount of charge for a week. The built-in large capacity battery allows for approximately 700 hours of standby and about 16 hours of continuous operation with 1.5 hours. It supports battery status display from IOS and Android phones, convenient for timely charging. Suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports such as cycling, skiing, climbing, camping and so on

(Easy to Operate) There are just three buttons to operate and you can achieve the following functions by pressing the button. Power OnOff, PlayPause, PreviousNext Song, VolumeVolume-, Hang UpReplay

Manufacturer reference : M5H
Color Name : M5H
JAN: 717545226467