Up2U Car Luggage Net, Rubber (23.6 X 31.5 Inches (60 X 80 Cm), Storage Net, Includes 2 Storage Hooks, For Staying In Car, Ceiling Storage, Prevents Falls, Reinforced Type, Car Trunk Storage, Elastic, 2021 Improved Model




Package Contents: In-vehicle storage hook 2, in-vehicle ceiling storage net 1, car luggage fixed arrangement weight: 420 g size: 60 cm × 80 cm Stretch rate 180 stretched.

Correspondence: SUV 1BOX minivan K car etc. Versatility is high. If you are hooked by a large hook of 2021 improvement, it matches any car model. Caution It conforms to a wide range of vehicles, but please check if there is a place to carry out a car in advance.

Product Features: 2021 enhanced type. Heavy luggage, the net will be withdrawn, against it, you can strengthen the net and use it for a long time. Hammockingly utilizing overhead space, the range of use is expanded to the purpose of use and vehicle models, such as luggage arrangement in cars.

Space saving: In-car ceiling storage net saves space and stores small products at the top of the car and can effectively utilize space in the car. 60cm × 80 cm (tile size), straps are attached to the four corners and can be easily fixed. Beginners are easy to use.

If the vehicle type is airbag on the side of the car by the vehicle type, be careful in the mounting position.


Manufacturer: Yashan
Brand: UP2U
Package Dimensions: 25.6 x 22 x 7 cm 360 g
Manufacturer Reference: SN-1
JAN: 749197516757

Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 22 cm