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Super Cost Performance Set (2 Color Changes 8 Colors) and 2 Random Colors that will not change color – This USB LED light can be used in your car or home. There are so many places you can enjoy these four lights

How to Use: 1. Conceal unused USB sockets and prevent dust from entering 2. auxiliary lighting in the car 3. Fashionable interior accessories 4. Check computer currents 5. Bedroom night light 6. Emergency light (requires connecting to a mobile power supply)

8 Color Switching: This USB LED light touch switch can be switched between 8 different types of motes including white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, and RGB. Furthermore, you can set the breathing mode with light and dark circulatory transformation, making you more lively and enjoying the fun of driving at night

Outstanding Durability: The high brightness of this USB LED light has been increased several times than conventional and has a wider illumination range, and the light source is soft to illuminate the interior space of your car without direct exposure to your eyes in the direction of the light source, saving energy, and will not get hot even after long periods of use

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Manufacturer : GZLT
Brand : GeTor
Package Dimensions : 10 x 9.8 x 1.1 cm 10 g
Manufacturer reference : usb led 4a
JAN: 48518191070

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 9.8 × 1.1 cm