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(2nd Generation, Complete Improved 2 High Brightness LEDs) Built-in smart chip that detects light and dark ambient natural light. Automatically turns on and off at night with weak light and automatically turns off during bright daylight. It also has a memory function that will light up the next time you turn it on in the same color, brightness, and mode without the need for duplicates. It will turn off if no power is provided after the car is off when the engine is turned off. Adopts high speed and highly integrated MCU and high strength flame retardant ABS plastic with high precision electroplated metal shell. Not only that, but the heat generated is lower, which can effectively extend the life of each part of this product. More importantly, avoid the heat generated after long hours of work and affect the safety of your car. Gently illuminates your car without hindering your driving experience with no glare light

Dual LED Long Life Light Source: The maximum brightness has been increased several times than conventional and has a wider illumination range, and the light source is soft to illuminate the interior space of your car without direct exposure to your eyes in the direction of the light source, saving energy, and will not get hot even after long periods of use. The USB light is not too bright, so you can drive safely at night. Enjoy more fun driving at night

(8 tonal colors stepless toning 9 RGB modes) Long press for the first time, the brightness will decrease until the brightness is achieved to the minimum brightness. Long press again to increase brightness until maximum brightness is reached. After adjusting the optimal brightness, release the button. Switch between 8 different colors, brightness can be adjusted steplessly. Uses ultra-bright and high performance LED bulbs, so it is about 5 times brighter than conventional and can illuminate the entire back of the car when you are on the back seat. The colors will be switched in sequentially with 9 fixed colors. (Red Orange Yellow -Green Cyan Blue Purple White RGB) can create a comfortable atmosphere. Single color mode: you can choose the color you like and keep it

Easy to Operate with One Button Button: The USB atmosphere light can be easily controlled with a single button. All operations can be inserted into one button and click the button to change the color. The compact size makes it easy to carry and does not get in the way, and it will improve the atmosphere of your car when you attach it to the drivers seat, passenger seat or back seat. It also brings a romantic atmosphere to your car, but it also has the benefits of small size, energy saving, multi-functional, no construction required, and easy to use. 1. Color change: Color changes after press the button once, and the 8th time will enter automatic cycle mode. 2. Stepless Dimming: Press and hold the button to change the brightness and release the button to fix the brightness. 3. Single breath mode: Double click the button to turn on the breathing mode. Double click the button again to turn off breathing mode. One short press to switch between one color. The brightness of the color cannot be adjusted in breathing mode. 4. Shutdown: Press the button 3 times to shut down

Universal USB Powered, Versatile After-sales Service: Convenient USB power supply, so you can connect it to anywhere you have a USB port, no matter in the car. Suitable for recurring locations and situations such as AC adapter, room, car USB port, power bank, charger plug, desktop USB jack, laptop (sold separately), indoor and outdoor

Manufacturer: Anboli
BRAND: Anboli
Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.8 x 1 cm 20 g
Manufacturer Reference: USB Light 002
Bulb Type: LED

JAN: 794590281474

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 6.8 cm