Vic For Air Conditioner Clean Filter Of The Electric For “,” Pollen, Dust “Cut Out Toyota/Lexus/Installation Vehicle Defensive Air Conditioner Filter Hot Sale Ac – 108E




Comprehensive Manufacturer Made in eiken Vic brand air conditioner filter Filter. For overseas production but also Japan made in detail, the current popular during the boil your air conditioner filter.

This air conditioner filter features a synthetic, non-woven fabric and removed by w construction New overcharge method allows you to now remove the particles such as pollen and other allergens, dust, dust, you arent absorbent, removes oxidation and thoroughly.

We have more then 3Micron particles (pollen, dust, dust, etc) and hairballs. With less than 1Micron Particle contaminants (pollen disease caused by pollen yu-bissyu Krause, high probability and remove any bacteria, Black, Smoke, etc.).

Genuine Part Number 871390608087139260108713930020871393004087139300407987139300708713950060871395006079871395010087139520208713952040

Size of Product (mm): 214x1935x29x

Manufacturer : VIC
Brand : VIC
Package Dimensions : 25 x 22.6 x 3.6 cm 124 g
Manufacturer reference : AC-108E

Additional information

Weight 0.124 kg
Dimensions 22.6 × 3.6 cm