Wellvie Audi A1 8X Volkswagen Polo 6R 9N Up Stabilizer Link Stabilizer Link Front Left & Right Universal 6Q0411315F Left & Right Set Of 2 Car Parts Car Supplies Custom Car Only



Stabilin Rod Front (2 pieces) Left and Right Set

Compatible genuine part number 6Q0411315F 6Q0411315D 6Q0411315Q 6Q0411315A 6Q0411315M 6R0411315A 6Q0411315C 6Q041315B 41131 5E 6Q0411315J 6R0411315 6Q0411315G 6Q0411315N

Reference compatible models: Audi A1 Model: 8XCZE 8XCAX 8XCPT 8XCTH Volkswagen POLO Model: 9NBBY 9NBKY 9NBJX 9NBTS 9NBUD POLO Model: 6RCGG 6RCBZ 6RCAV 6RCTH

Even if the above car models are listed with the grade and model may not fit depending on the year and specification. Please make sure to check the original model number attached to the actual car before placing your order

Manufacturer : WELLVIE-STORE
Package Dimensions : 34 x 10 x 4 cm 760 g
Manufacturer reference : MJ087

Additional information

Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 10 cm