Wheels Cbc-Kns100-2 Tire Chain, Turtle Shell Type, No Jack Up Needed 9Mm, 195/80R15 (195/80/15, 195-80-15, 195/80-15)




Can be installed without jacking up Strongly skidable, excellent silence Chain width: 3.5 inches (9 mm) For passenger cars Cannot be used on all cargo cars and trucks (including 1 BOX vanminivan) (vehicle weight less than 2.0 t) Compatible tire sizes: 19580R15

Please practice installing and removing the tire chain before Please run under 30kmh when attaching the tire chain (also on highways) This product is based on radial tires (summer tires). Some such as studless tires may not be able to be installed. The distance between the tire and the car body (clearance) must be at least 5cm or greater than the total weight of the vehicle and the load is within 2t.

Compatible Tire Size: 21570-14 19580-15 20570-15 21570-15 22560-15 23560-15 20565-16 21560-16 23555-16 21555-17

Material: Metal

Manufacturer: Wheels
Brand: Wheels (Wheels)
Model: CBC-KNS100-2
Package Dimensions: 26.8 x 26.2 x 6.4 cm 3.28 kg
Item Model Number: CBC-KNS100-2
Section Width: 195 mm
: None

JAN: 4549320046726

Additional information

Weight 3.28 kg
Dimensions 26.2 × 6.4 cm