X Autohaux Safety Coupler Pins, Trailer Shaft Lock Pins, Trailer Coupler Pins, 70X10Mm, Arch D Shape For Carb




100 brand new and never used

Arched D shape retainer wire clips provide quick latching and clearance for different shapes to meet different needs

These pin rings are loaded with spring steel to ensure a secure hold during installation

Slide the base of the pin into the corresponding slot of the hitch and secure the pin for a secure closure

Package: 4 x Trailer Shaft Lock Pins

Manufacturer : X AUTOHAUX
Package Dimensions : 16 x 12.95 x 2.79 cm 270 g
Manufacturer reference : a20082000ux0047jp

Additional information

Weight0.27 kg
Dimensions12.95 × 2.79 cm