Yaconob Bt-S3 Motorbike, Waterproof, High Sound Quality, Intercom Bluetooth, 2 Persons, Simultaneous Calls, Fm Function, New Type, Type-C Charging Port, 10 Hours Of Continuous Use, Maximum Call Distance 39.4 Ft (1,000 M), Japanese Instruction Manual (English Language Not Guaranteed)




Headphone intercom: Fully double intercom, maximum ideal speed is 80 kmh-120 kmh, and the longest linear barrier-free distance is 800 – 1000 m. When you connect the Bluetooth to your phone, it will automatically answer and reject to hang up the call, support redial the last number. Connect MP3, GPS, cell phone, walkie talkie with audio cable

Noise ReductionUsing DSP noise reduction and wind processing to ensure high speed and clear audio quality

Media MusicEnjoy mobile music or connect to GPS via A2DP and control the previous song of mobile music via AVRCP and play the next song. Support FM radio function

(Applications) Can be attached to a full and half covered helmet that covers the ears. The buttons are large, easy to operate with gloves. The headset and helmet snap on for easy removal and installation

Waterproof Performance: The keyboard panel is waterproof and sunscreen design is durable. Use it on rainy or snowy days, it will make your outdoor riding more stimulated

Manufacturer reference : bt-s3
Size : 2