Yaofao Non-Metallic Tire Chain, Snow Chain, Snow Chain, Easy Installation, No Jack Up Required, Compatible With 195/65/R15 205/55/R16 195/60/R16 185/80/R14 205/50/R16 185/75/R14 /R15




Compatible Tire Sizes: 19565R15 20555R16 19560R16 18580R14 20550R16 18575R14 20560R15

Compatible models: Prius ZVW50ZVW51ZVW30ZVW52ZVW35 NoahVoxy ZRR80GZRR85GZRR70GZRR75GAZR60GAZR65G Serena C27GNC26C26 Lexus Toyota IS 86 ZN Compatible with many vehicles such as 6. Please check the recording size with the tire.

EASY TO INSTALL: In addition to its non-metallic and simple construction, the fast-lock construction makes it super easy to install and remove from the tire and no need to jack up. The included easy handle allows women to securely attach it.

Stability and Anti-Slip: No standard metal chain is used for this body and is made of rubber type polyurethane rubber material that begins with oil resistance, and has excellent abrasion resistance, cold resistance, and corrosion resistance. 4-point red fast-lock construction prevents chain from falling

Manufacturer: yaofao
Package Dimensions: 37 x 31 x 21 cm 5.5 kg
Manufacturer Reference: F7-FHL-Z
Is Discontinued by Manufacturer:
Section Width: 185 mm

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 cm