Yokellmux Car Air Freshener, Car Fragrance Diffuser, Air Purifier, Deodorizing, Eliminating Odors, Pe Fragrance Tablet, Clip Type, 4 Aroma Pads Included, Air Force I, Silver



Product Specifications: Color: Silver Package Contents: Main unit x 1, Clip x 1, Tablet x 4, Japanese instruction manual x 1

High Quality Latest Design: Made of zinc alloy, it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, and does not change color, and it looks beautiful and has excellent durability. Designed for airplane propeller design. The clip type is also equipped with a protective rubber on the clip, so you dont have to worry about scratching the outlet

Propellers Spin and Turn: The design is heavy and luxurious, just like zinc alloy. Easy to install and rotate by yourself. It attaches to the air conditioning outlet so it rotates at high speed when the wind is strong. As soon as you install it in your car, the propeller will spin around when you turn it into the air conditioner, and the sound is silent, so you dont have to worry about it

SelectableThis product includes 4 tablets. Two unisex scents and the other two tasteless fragrance tablets. If you dont like the unisex scent offered by our store, you can choose your favorite essential oils or perfume and let the other two drip on a tasteless tablet. The tablet has strong suction power and will keep the fragrance longer As a disinfectant, deodorizing and air freshener, it creates a relaxing atmosphere and is the best healing for your mind and body

No Power Supply Required, Safe to Use: Because it is a natural volatile type, simply clip it to the air conditioning vent and the scent will spread into the car with the wind. The clip has a protective rubber so you dont have to worry about damaging the air outlet and it will not affect your cars radio or electrical system. (1. Due to the wind speed is too small, the props may not rotate. 2. The screws of the props will be too tightened and uneven rotation. )

Manufacturer : YOKELLMUX
Package Dimensions : 9 x 5.8 x 3.2 cm 40 g
Manufacturer reference : YOKELLMUX 0088
Color : Sliver
JAN: 8011513542446

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 3.2 cm