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This is a double zippered ceiling storage net that can effectively utilize the ceiling space in the event of a lot of luggage. The opening is wide, so it does not interfere with taking things in and out of your luggage. Please do not place heavy items, sharp or sharp objects. Compatible models: Noah 80 Series Freedom Jimney JB64 JB23 NBOX Custom NV100 Jeep High Ace Swagon, Everivan, etc

Adopts a double net structure to further improve the stability and load capacity, so you can put your items on the net instead of placing them on the net, preventing them from rolling around when driving

In order to improve the traditional ceiling net, the bottom of the net is equipped with a reinforced rope, so you can easily adjust the net deflection, and it will support your luggage securely, and prevent it from falling out

The luggage net is made of a material that is difficult to stretch so you can enjoy a comfortable driving experience without falling down due to its weight

The net can be folded and stored, so it does not take up much space and is always useful if you install one in the car. You can also adjust the fixing net length with the buckle and use a variety of vehicles if you have 4 assist grips for fixing to the ceiling

Manufacturer : YORKNEIC
Package Dimensions : 31 x 25 x 5 cm 250 g
Manufacturer reference : z12
JAN: 825665000260

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 25 cm