Yoyo Hi Grade Life Jacket Life Jacker / Male Size Women / Men’S S To Xxl Various Sizes Best Type Floating Best Working Life Life Best Ship Fishing Snorkeling Swimming Maline Sports Such As Wakeboard And Jet Skiing Water Bike River Playing River Kayak Canoe Rafting Snorkeling Swimming Class Swimming School Pool Fishing Best Tsunami, Etc. Flood Countermeasures, Disaster Prevention Goods



It is a high-quality life jacket for business, which is stylish and black contrast.

Use PVC foam with excellent neoplasmic material and flexibility, buoyancy, which is used for wet suit etc.

A stereoscopic design that can be worn for a wide range of body types, a comfortable fit that forgets to wear.

The buckle is excluded, and it is possible to make a quick silhouette and speeding down.

It can be used in various scenes such as various water sports, outdoor leisure, and waterfront.



Size: M
Package Dimensions: 56 x 37.9 x 5 cm 580 g

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Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 37.9 cm