Zads Carbon Fiber Car Reflective Door Handle Protector Door Knob Scratch Protection Film Fluorescent Security Seal Reflective Sticker Night Visibility Decoration Universal (Yellow)



Multi-functional: Protect your door handle Reflective car sticker Reflective warning sticker Size: Please see the image for detailed sizes.

Door Handle Protector to protect your door from scratches This is the perfect steering wheel protector for those who are concerned about scratching their car when opening and closing the door. Dress up the door handle for a sporty look. It combines functionality and design, so your car will feel luxurious.

The light hits even at night provides an outstanding visual effect. Improved night vision and reduced chance of vehicle collision Reflective and dynamic design matches well with all kinds of vehicles. Maintains aesthetic and reflective properties for a long time.

Can be applied to flat to loose curved surfaces, excellent flexibility. Adhesive backed for easy installation Please clean the dust and oil from the surface of the product before applying. It is completely water resistant, so you can rest assured even if it gets wet in the rain.

They have high visibility reflective brightness, and reflect full color even at very shallow angles. Very high gloss and clear layer looks like a premium enamel. Adds depth to the design. Note: The product itself does not have any light, so you need to reflect light through the lighting.

Manufacturer: Zads
Brand: Zads
Product Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 0.3 cm 60 g
Manufacturer Reference: Z-1146
Item Dimensions L x W x H
: 24 x 16 x 0.3 cm
Color: Yellow

JAN: 808281930272

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 16 × 0.3 cm