Zero Floor Mats Trunk Mats Daihatsu Thalia Ntoeguze H21/12 – L455S, L465S For , Diamond Black




Maker Daihatsu model Tanto Exceeding Trunk Mat New Year H21 12-Type L455S, L465S Diamond series is a single diamond pattern with black tuf fabric. Designively, simple and bored will come. It is for customers who are not boring in a single color but are also avoided. The material is polypropylene. Deodorizing processing free campaign is underway In addition to deodorizing, deodorizing, antimicrobial, anti-dolphors and antistatic functions are also added to the back of the matte fiber by dedicated machines. Mat Type-Color Diamond-Black (Black) The shape of the floamat varies from the annual type, model, and other articles other than the model. (The image is an image image and is a sample mat.) Please purchase the product name and other items and purchase.

It differs from genuine products, such as the specified specifications.


Manufacturer: Zero Floor Mat
Brand: Zero Floor Mat
Package Dimensions: 80 x 55 x 10 cm 3 kg
Manufacturer Reference: DA-10679-001- 001
Color: Diamond Ă— Black

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Dimensions 55 × 10 cm