Zero Floor Mats Trunk Mats Toyota Carolina -Rafi-Ruda- H18/10 – H24/5 Nze141G, G, Zre142G/G , Pastel X Wine




Manufacturer Toyota model Corolla Fielder Trunk Mat Year H18 10 to H24 5 Model NZE 141G 144G, ZRE142G 144G Deodorization, Deodorant In addition to deodorizing, antibacterial, anti-dolphin, antistatic function also added Penetration of special coating solutions to the back of mat fibers by dedicated machines. Mat type-color pastel-wine. The shape of the floor mat changes with the annual type, model, and other articles other than the model. (The image is an image image and is a sample mat.) Please purchase the product name and other items and purchase. The Pastel series is 100 nylon, and the total thickness of pile length is 8, 5 mm (without back backing). The color is very good by the nylon thread. As it is made of long fibers, it is difficult to play. It is coated on the pile surface and it is difficult to get dirty and it is difficult to get dirty. The pile itself has been subjected to anti-mounted and antibacterial processing. It is devised to prevent unpleasant electrostatic shocks. It is a floor mat that passes the flameproof performance test of the Japanese flameproof church.

It differs from genuine products, such as the specified specifications.


Manufacturer: Zero Floor Mat
BRAND: Zero Floor MAT
Package Dimensions: 80 x 55 x 10 cm 3 kg
Manufacturer Reference: TO-10063-001- 002
Color: Pastel x Wine

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Dimensions 55 × 10 cm