Zotoo Led Fog Lamp, Work Light, Double Lens, Motorcycle Auxiliary Light, 25W, 10,000Lm, White 3570 Chip, Compatible With 10V-30Vdc, Led Headlight, Waterproof Work Light, High Tech Light Gathering, Angle Adjustable, L-Shaped Bracket, 1 Piece




(Latest Patent Product, High-tech Light Collecting Lenses) Adopts high-tech dual lens that perfectly overcome the weaknesses of other LED work lights and HIDs. Parallel cutting wire solves the problem of dark areas in other light bulbs. There is no black area in the middle, perfect lighting paving effect will protect your investment. Parallel cutting line for comfort and safety driving

(Equipped with a high brightness 3570 big chip) Equipped with a 25W CSP3570 big chip commonly used in LED headlights and fog lights, it increases 50 energy efficiency and 300. Using high quality LED chip, light attenuation slow, long life and more stable. 50,000 hours working life Power consumption: 18 W, Lumen: 10,000 lm, Voltage: DC 10 – 30 V, Integrated design, no complicated connectors or unnecessary wiring, making it easy to install even for beginners. The length is 92.9mm and the width is 40mm

(Fast Cooling and Easy Installation) With the addition of thick 6063 aviation aluminum material, it can quickly disperse the heat output from the chip to extend the life of the car light. Intelligent temperature control, real-time temperature control, over-voltage protection, constant current circuit current, voltage stability, and to reduce valve burden. The valve body is oxidized and not painted, so the color may differ slightly from the time of production. Comes with L-shaped bracket for easy installation and angle adjustment. For installation, just a positive and negative connection of the battery is ready to use. No modification of original wiring Red Black connection

Fog Applications and IP68 Waterproof: Can be used as a bicycle light, fog lamp, work light, forklift light, waterproof work light, snow plow light, night fishing lighting, auto light, bicycle light, night light for syrus fishing, nori fishing night light, or truck bed. International standard IP68 protection level, adopts nano waterproof design and effective waterproof material. Can be used in different weather conditions, good stability and effectively prevents the entry of dust, dust, and water

Manufacturer: Niccarledlight
Brand: Zotoo
Package Dimensions: 15.4 x 11.5 x 6.8 cm 390 g
Manufacturer Reference: nsk-MTD-XGP-0061-Fn
: Front OUTER
Voltage: 12 Volts
Color: White

Additional information

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 6.8 cm