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Color: Black

Material: PE shell EVA foam diving cloth rubber band

Wide range of usage: Suitable for racing, racing, mountain climbing, skiing, and other sports

(Injury Prevention) The exterior is made of superior high-quality PE shell material with strong impact resistance. The main body is specially designed to disperse and absorb impacts, and the high impact dispersion performance provides a protective effect during falls. Protect your arms, elbows, knees, shin and more and help prevent injuries

Comfortable to Wear: Uses a thin and breathable power mesh fabric with excellent shock absorption material, which is thin and fit excellent, providing excellent breathability and elasticity, allowing you to breathe with your body movement. Comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear in summer

Manufacturer : ZSADZS
Brand : ZSADZS
Package Dimensions : 20 x 5 x 3 cm 100 g
Manufacturer reference : LWH
Color : Blk
JAN: 783347088510

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Weight 0.1 kg