Zymol Titanium Glaze Z-155 8Oz/227G Hd-Cleanse Hd Cleansing Z-201 8.5Oz/250Ml Carnauba Wax (Free Gift Included)




King of WAX Solid Wax: Zymol, a world-famous American wax manufacturer, uses extremely high quality carnauba wax. It does not contain any petroleum solvents and has a reputation for less trouble with any paint and is used by the British high-grade automotive manufacturers. Zymol developed Titanium Glaze (Titanium Glaze) is a high quality, all-mighty solid wax. Produces a fresh, moisturizing luster, creating a mirrored finish. Let your car shine more with the Zymol Titanium Glaze

High Quality Natural Wax Formulated with 51 Natural Carnauba Wax: Titanium Graze is made up of 100 natural ingredients similar to other Zymol products. This is a high quality wax containing 51 of the finest Carnauba wax from Brazil. Suitable for all paint types and colors, so it can be used with any paint job regardless of domestic and overseas manufacturers. In addition to its luxurious gloss, shine, water repellency, and stain resistant, it stretches very well even in small quantities, making it a good cost-performance item and has been chosen by many people around the world

High Definition Cleanser Improves Wax Performance 100 natural non-abrasive cleaner, HD cleanser is gentle on paint without using petroleum solvents that damage the paint. Removes oil stains and light rain stains (scale). In addition, the HD cleanser allows the wax to be fastened to ensure a deeper and gloss

Recommended Care Instructions: 1. Remove dirt and scale with shampoo or car wash or running water wash 2. Wipe off body moisture 3. Apply HD cleanser 1 panel by wet cloth (use an applicator when removing partially scratches) 4. Wipe with water and polish the finish with a dry wipe 5. Take an appropriate amount of titanium glaze and dissolve the wax with your body temperature. Apply with applicator 6. Wipe each panel 5. Change the cloth surface and polish the finish. Please note that the stretch is prone to deterioration in environments with cold outside temperatures. Maintaining with Field Graze will maintain its gloss, gloss, and water repellency

(Authorized Retailer Recommended Item) We have prepared a set that can be purchased together with HD-Cleanse for convenient cleaning of Titanium Glaze. Of course, you can buy it by itself or combine it in various combinations. Steel One Co., Ltd. is an authorized dealer in Japan

Manufacturer: Zymall
BRAND: Zymol Zymall
model: Zymol Titanium Glaze
Package Dimensions: 20 x 19.2 x 9.7 cm 290 g
Manufacturer Reference: CS155

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Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 19.2 × 9.7 cm